Perfected over time. Crafted alongside locals.

Louco Piri-Piri Sauce is a complex and uniquely crafted piri-piri sauce that will transport you in place and time. Based on age-old traditions of native Mozambique this piri-piri sauce was perfected with the help of the locals. Together, we developed over 145 recipes before settling on this perfect blend of 17 spices and hand-picked sun-dried birds-eye chillies. Louco Piri-Piri is strictly all-natural. We don’t use refined sugars, gums, gluten, or any preservatives. This allows our sauce’s robust spices to develop while cooking, turning any meal into a culinary delight. Use it while cooking, grilling, baking, marinating or as a finishing sauce. It is strangely addictive, brightening up everything from smoked pulled pork sliders and chicken wings to freshly grilled seafood.

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We know that after you taste this sauce you too will be singing the phrase we often heard from the locals of Barra - “queromais!!” which means, “I want more!”

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